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Fellow SLAC User,

On behalf of the SLAC Users Organization (SLUO), I would like to welcome you to the community of over 1300 SLAC users and invite you to actively participate in SLUO.

The Users Organization provides a means of communication between the users of the Laboratory and the management. It exists to allow the users of the SLAC facilities to share common concerns and interests. Through its Executive Committee it expresses the views of the users on matters of operating policy and facilities utilization. By meeting regularly with management, it provides information to its members on matters affecting their relationship to the laboratory. These issues include the working environment at SLAC and the quality of life of the users.

As users of the laboratory facilities, we also have a strong interest in making sure the facilities we need to pursue our research goals are both developed and adequately utilized. To that end among our mission includes facilitating the involvement of our members in projects at SLAC and promoting the utilization of existing SLAC facilities and the approval of new ones. We provide a channel for presenting the views of the SLAC users community to the funding authorities and advisory bodies such as the High-Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP).

My fellow Executive Committee members and I welcome your active participation.  Please contact us if you have comments or suggestions on how to make SLAC a better place to work.  

SLUO Executive Committee Chair