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What is the SLAC Users Organization (SLUO)?

SLUO represents scientists and engineers from universities and laboratories around the world involved in particle physics, astrophysics and accelerator physics research at SLAC.

SLUO exists to: 

  • Represent SLAC users in matters of DOE and government policy, such as the P5 report and HEP budget.
  • Facilitate the involvement of its members in projects at SLAC.
  • Provide information to its members on matters affecting their relationship to the laboratory.
  • Promote the utilization of existing SLAC facilitates and the approval of new ones.
  • Communicate between the users of SLAC HEP facilities and experiments and the Laboratory on matters of operating policy and facilities utilization.
  •  SLAC HEP facilities include:
    • Vera Rubin Observatory
    • ATLAS
    • Fermi
    • CDMS
    • EXO200
    • LUX/LZ
    • HPS
    • FACET-II
    • BaBar
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Executive Committee

SLUO has an Executive Committee of twelve users and SLAC collaborators. Members are nominated by Institutional Representatives at the Annual Meeting, and voted on by the full SLUO membership. More details regarding the Organization are available in the charter

The Interim Executive Committee is composed of Zeesh Ahmed, Spencer Gessner, Brendan O'Shea, and Caterina Vernieri as chair. Please take a minute to read the Welcome Letter from the Chair.

HEP Advocacy Trip to Washington D.C.

The DC trip is an opportunity for members of the HEP community to speak directly to congress and voice our support and requests for well-funded physics research in the US. The expected dates for the CY24 dates are March/April 2024.

Please get in touch with Caterina Vernieri and Kelly Stifter if any question or if you are interested in participating.

DC Trip
DC Trip
DC Trip

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